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Vladimíra Tomanová, mayor – The Municipality of Kadov Obec Kadov

Ordered or contracted interior equipment of offices and archives of the Municipal Office in Kadov as well as outdoor seating of various kinds, signposts and other equipment of public space in the village was always delivered on time in high quality and at reasonable prices. Likewise, the LARIX-TOZ company also solves our individual one-off requirements in the area of ​​joinery production and the current adaptation of our furniture equipment in connection with GDPR, etc.…

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Dana Vohryzková, Chairwoman - Union of Municipalities of Blatensko Svazek Obcí Blatenska

The ordered interior equipment of the offices of the Union of Municipalities of Blatensko went perfectly well. We were satisfied with the quality, design and deadlines. Larix-toz always solves various requirements for joinery and furniture flexibly and cheaper than the competition.

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P. Šturma - ABB s.r.o. ABB s.r.o.

We cooperated with LARIX-TOZ in the production of awards for selected guests of our important international customer conference. In addition to accurate and high-quality processing of final products, I must also appreciate the willingness and level of communication when deciding on the final form of the product.

Lyer Brewery

We rate it at five stars out of five. Everything was in perfect order and the plus was the very fast delivery of the ordered LARIX-TOZ products.

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